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Millersville University OCEAN SCIENCE CLUB

Aquarium care

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Aquarium care
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The 240 gallon saltwater aquarium located in the CYBER CAFE, on the 1st floor of the Sci-Tech building, is one of the club's finest attractions.

Donated in 1999, the club has been "upgrading" the tank ever since with new fish, invertebrates and other organisms.

STOP BY to see all our new additions!

Check out the new identifcation boards and club events bulletin boards next to the aquarium! (hold mouse arrow over picture to see organism name)

The following are some organisms currently in the tank... but not all of them:


There are MANY more tank organisms than these, so check back for updated pictures!

yellow tang

aquarium plants

serpent star

pencil urchin

coral banded shrimp

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